1. What does a monitor screen resolution of 3840×2400 imply for the image displayed on the screen in terms of dots per

1. What does a monitor screen resolution of 3840×2400 imply for the image displayed on the screen in terms of dots per line?
2. Solve the problem. A black-and-white (without shades of gray) graphic image has a size of 19×19 pixels. What amount of memory will this image occupy? Answer: bits.
3. Determine the total number of pixels. Record the answer. The monitor resolution is 640×256. The total number of pixels is —
4. Number of pixels: 1440000. Record the correct answer, round the answer to the hundredths. 1440000 pixels = megapixels.
5. Choose the answer. A company logo needs to be prepared for publication on a history-themed website. Which color model should be used? CMUK RGB CMYK
6. Choose the correct answer. Brightness Red Green Blue Color 0 1 1 1 Options: bright pink, bright crimson, orange, gray.
7. Calculate the volume of video memory required to store a graphic image that occupies the entire monitor screen with a resolution of 640×288 and a palette of 16777216 colors. Answer: bits.
8. In the RGB color model, 3 bytes are used to encode one pixel. A photo with dimensions of 1535×2126 pixels was saved as an uncompressed file using RGB encoding. Record the size of the resulting file. Answer: bytes.

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Resolution Explanation: Resolution refers to the number of distinct pixels in each dimension that can be displayed on a monitor screen. In the case of 3840×2400 resolution, it means the screen can display 3840 pixels horizontally and 2400 pixels vertically. This implies a total number of 3840 x 2400 = 9,216,000 pixels on the screen. To find the dots per line, we can focus on just the horizontal dimension, which is 3840 pixels.

Пример: To find the dots per line, simply take the horizontal resolution, which is 3840 pixels.

Совет: Understanding screen resolution is crucial for knowing the level of detail and clarity you can expect from a display. Higher resolutions generally mean crisper and more detailed images.

Упражнение: Calculate the dots per line for a monitor with a resolution of 2560×1440.

Memory Size Explanation: To calculate the memory size required for a black-and-white graphic image, we need to consider that each pixel is either black or white, meaning it can be represented using just one bit. The image size is 19×19 pixels, so the memory size needed is 19 x 19 bits.

Пример: For a 19×19 black-and-white image, the memory size required is 361 bits.

Совет: When dealing with images, understanding the memory size they occupy is important, especially when working with limited storage or bandwidth.

Упражнение: Calculate the memory size for a 25×25 black-and-white image.

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