Please rephrase the following question text in the subject of English, in the response, return only the paraphrased

Please rephrase the following question text in the subject of English, in the response, return only the paraphrased text: GUYS, TAKE THE TEST TEST THE CAUSATIVE 1. Use the causative form in the sentences. Pay attention to the tense form. For example, Tina is getting her hair cut. — Present Continuous. 1) Ann …… (her dress/make) tomorrow. Future Simple. 2) Danny …… (his car/fix) yesterday. Past Simple. 3) Steve …… (his suit/clean) two days ago. Past Simple. 4) Bob …… (his shoes/mend) by five oclock. Past Perfect. 5) Ben …… (his eyes/test) at the moment. Present Continuous. 6) Tim …… (his tooth/pull out) this morning. Present Perfect. 7) I …… (my nails/do) at the beauty salon now. Present Continuous. 8) We …… (our bedroom/paint) last week. Past Simple. 9) Mike …… (his sofa/deliver) two hours ago. Past Simple. 10) David …… (his glasses/repair) next week. Future Simple. 11) John …… (his teeth/whiten) every year. Present Simple. 12) My cousin …… (her teeth/straighten). Future Simple. 13) Clare …… (her hair/dye) now. Present Continuous. 14) Bob …… (a text/translate). Past Simple. 15) George …… (a project/do). Past Simple.

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Тема: Пассивный залог в английском языке (Causative Form)

Разъяснение: Пассивный залог в английском языке используется, чтобы показать, что субъект действия не является инициатором этого действия. В данном случае, вам предложено использовать пассивный залог в предложениях, обратив внимание на временную форму. Вот как это работает:

1) Ann will have her dress made tomorrow. (Future Simple)
2) Danny had his car fixed yesterday. (Past Simple)
3) Steve cleaned his suit two days ago. (Past Simple)
4) By five o’clock, Bob will have had his shoes mended. (Past Perfect)
5) Ben is having his eyes tested at the moment. (Present Continuous)
6) Tim has had his tooth pulled out this morning. (Present Perfect)
7) I am having my nails done at the beauty salon now. (Present Continuous)
8) We painted our bedroom last week. (Past Simple)
9) Mike had his sofa delivered two hours ago. (Past Simple)
10) David will have his glasses repaired next week. (Future Simple)
11) John has his teeth whitened every year. (Present Simple)
12) My cousin will have her teeth straightened. (Future Simple)
13) Clare is having her hair dyed now. (Present Continuous)
14) Bob translated a text. (Past Simple)
15) George did a project. (Past Simple)

Совет: Помните, что пассивный залог используется, когда субъект не совершает действие, а оно совершается для него или над ним. Также обращайте внимание на временные формы, чтобы корректно построить предложения в пассивном залоге.

Дополнительное задание: Перепишите следующие предложения, используя пассивный залог:

1) Tom will clean the house tomorrow. (Future Simple)
2) She fixed the broken window yesterday. (Past Simple)
3) They are planting flowers in the garden right now. (Present Continuous)
4) The chef cooked a delicious meal last night. (Past Simple)
5) I will buy a new phone next month. (Future Simple)

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