While applying for the job, accountant Petrova A.I. received the text of the contract from the HR department. However

While applying for the job, accountant Petrova A.I. received the text of the contract from the HR department. However, even with a quick reading, she found grammatical errors in the document. Please make corrections to the defective text so that the contract can be signed (hint: find 10 syntactic and 2 morphological errors). Requirements for editing: find errors in the text of the contract, determine their type, briefly explain the cause of the error, and suggest a correction. Contract Maximum, represented by General Director Panova E.G., acting on the basis of the charter, hereinafter referred to as the Company, on one side, and hereinafter referred to as the Accountant on the other side, have entered into this contract: 1. Subject of the contract The subject of the contract is labor relations between the Company and the Accountant on the terms provided in this contract and in accordance with the current labor legislation of the Russian Federation. 2. General provisions. Rights and obligations of the parties 2.1. According to the order (according to the order. The preposition according to requires the dative case, correctly — according to what? , and not according to what? ) of the General Director, the Accountant is appointed to the position of accountant and performs work in accordance with (in accordance with. Before the form of the noun and after it, there are non-derivative simple prepositions in and with. If the word in accordance with is followed by the preposition with, it means that the context uses the derivative compound preposition in accordance with (with it is used in the forms of the instrumental case of nouns and is synonymous with the preposition according to, which can replace it in context) with this contract. 2.2. The accountant is directly subordinate to the General Director of the Company or the official performing (performing) his duties. 2.3. The Director is not entitled to require the Accountant to perform duties not provided for in this contract. Additional duties of the Accountant (beyond the contract) may be established by agreement of the parties. 2.4. The Company undertakes to create working conditions for the Accountant necessary for the performance of his duties in accordance with the current labor protection rules and sanitary norms, and to provide the Accountant with material and technical resources. 2.5. The Accountant undertakes to comply with the current legislation, the provisions of the Companys internal documents, the orders of the Director, and the persons to whom he issues orders; 2.5.1. The Accountants activities are confidential and do not allow the disclosure of information constituting the commercial secret of the Company for two years after the termination of the contract. The Accountant also does not engage in actions that tarnish the business reputation of the Company, which is additionally signed. Information about trade secrets includes any information about the Companys activities that has actual or potential commercial value due to its unknown to third parties, and the disclosure of which may harm the Company. Causing harm to the Company by violating the commercial secrecy, he reimburses the Accountant in full, as well as pays a fine to the Company in the amount of 300 (three hundred) MROT.

Пошаговое объяснение:

Содержание: Коррекция текста контракта

Объяснение: Данный контракт имеет несколько грамматических ошибок, как синтаксических, так и морфологических. Давайте их исправим и обоснуем каждую исправленную ошибку.

1. Синтаксическая ошибка 1: «have entered into this contract» — Здесь отсутствует согласование между субъектом и глаголом. Верное уточнение: «has entered into this contract».
2. Морфологическая ошибка 1: «Company» — Здесь необходимо использовать артикль «the» перед «Company». Верное уточнение: «the Company».
3. Синтаксическая ошибка 2: «Rights and obligations of the parties» — Здесь нужно добавить артикль «the» перед «parties». Верное уточнение: «Rights and obligations of the parties».
4. Синтаксическая ошибка 3: «According to the order» — Здесь требуется использование дательного падежа после предлога «according to». Верное уточнение: «According to the order of the General Director».
5. Синтаксическая ошибка 4: «in accordance with this contract» — Здесь нужно использовать предлог «with» после «in accordance with». Верное уточнение: «in accordance with this contract».
6. Синтаксическая ошибка 5: «performing (performing) his duties» — Здесь лишнее повторение слова «performing». Верное уточнение: «performing his duties».
7. Морфологическая ошибка 2: «Companys» — Здесь требуется использование апострофа (‘s) после «Company» для обозначения принадлежности. Верное уточнение: «Company’s».
8. Синтаксическая ошибка 6: «persons to whom he issues orders» — Здесь требуется использование артикля «the» перед «persons». Верное уточнение: «the persons to whom he issues orders».
9. Синтаксическая ошибка 7: «the commercial secret of the Company for two years» — Здесь нужно добавить предлог «of» перед «two years». Верное уточнение: «the commercial secret of the Company for two years».
10. Морфологическая ошибка 3: «MROT» — Здесь необходимо расшифровать аббревиатуру MROT. Верное уточнение: «Minimum Wage Rate of the Russian Federation (MROT)».

Пример использования: После внесения всех коррекций, текст контракта стал более правильным с точки зрения грамматики и структуры предложений.

Совет: При редактировании контрактов всегда внимательно проверяйте грамматику и согласование слов, чтобы избежать недоразумений и юридических проблем.

Упражнение: Найдите и исправьте грамматические ошибки в следующем предложении: «The employee responsible for project management and deliverables.»

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