1. What falls under the category of spiritual values? (highlight the necessary) – compassion, empathy, temples

1. What falls under the category of spiritual values? (highlight the necessary) – compassion, empathy, temples, finances, homes, love, books.
2. What is stated in the Constitution of the Russian Federation:  Faith – a personal matter for each individual  Christian faith is mandatory for Russians  Faith is determined by inheritance.
1. How is spirituality revived in Russia?
2. In which object of spiritual heritage have you been? (in a temple, museum)
3. Write down the rules of conduct in a museum.
3. Write down the rules of conduct in a museum.

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Category of Spiritual Values:
Spiritual values encompass intangible qualities and beliefs that are deeply meaningful to individuals and society. They include compassion, which is the ability to understand and share the feelings of others, and empathy, which involves the capacity to emotionally connect with others and understand their perspectives. These values are the foundation of empathy and understanding in human relationships.

Constitution of the Russian Federation:
The Constitution of the Russian Federation explicitly states that faith is a personal matter for each individual. This underscores the principle of religious freedom, allowing citizens to choose and practice their faith freely without coercion. The Constitution does not mandate any specific faith, such as Christian faith, for Russians. Furthermore, faith is not determined by inheritance; it is a matter of personal choice.

Reviving Spirituality in Russia:
Spirituality is being revived in Russia through various means, including the restoration and construction of temples as places of worship and community gathering. Additionally, the promotion of cultural and religious events, the availability of books containing spiritual teachings, and fostering a sense of love and unity among people contribute to the revival of spirituality.

Rules of Conduct in a Museum:
When visiting a museum, it’s essential to follow these rules:
1. Respect Exhibits: Do not touch or damage any exhibits, artifacts, or artwork.
2. Maintain Quiet: Speak softly to maintain a peaceful atmosphere for other visitors.
3. No Food or Drinks: Refrain from consuming food or beverages inside the museum.
4. No Flash Photography: Avoid using flash photography, as it can harm delicate artifacts.
5. Stay on Pathways: Stay within designated areas and follow guided paths.
6. Keep Bags Closed: Keep bags and backpacks closed to prevent accidental contact with exhibits.
7. No Running or Horseplay: Maintain a calm and respectful demeanor at all times.

Практика: Describe a personal experience visiting a museum, highlighting the exhibits that left a strong impression on you and explaining why.

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